Photography, football, and the Philippines

(Alfons Rohrer)

Here are a few of the stories we will bring you during the week starting on May 8.



Postcard from Manila

Selina Thomas is living the dream many of us have – moving to a warm, exotic destination. But going from Switzerland to the Philippines requires adapting to more than just the weather. Selina shares her experiences with the culture, cuisine and climate in this latest instalment of our #WeAreSwissAbroadexternal link series.


Multilingual schoolchildren

Is it advantageous to teach primary school children more than one foreign language, or is it a burden on them and their teachers ? On Tuesday, we lay out the arguments on both sides of this emotional debate, which will be voted on by Swiss citizens in canton Zurich on May 21.

(Keystone/Martin Ruetschi)

Take note!

Last year, the Swiss National Bank unveiled a new CHF50 note, which only last month was named bank note of the year by the International Bank Note Society. This week, we’ll find out if the new CHF20 note is as much of an attention grabber when it’s presented as the larger denomination bill. Check back on Wednesday, when it’s unveiled.


From NYC to Geneva

Anne Korkeakivi, author of “Shining Sea” and “An Unexpected Guest”, is the third to be featured in our series of profiles on English-language writers living in Switzerland. On Thursday, read about her perspectives on inspiration, immersion, travel, and the benefits of a morning jog.

(Alfons Rohrer)

A 14,000-image photo album

Alfons Rohrer lived in a rural part of the central Swiss Alps from 1925 to 1998, and for much of that time, had a camera at hand. On Saturday, we’ll publish a selection of his impressive collection that his grandson unearthed in a closet. The images meticulously and intimately document daily life in Rohrer’s native village of Sachseln.


American football, Swiss style

Did you know that American football is growing in popularity in Switzerland? On Sunday, Bern Grizzlies quarterback Hayden Northern, originally from Indianapolis, tells us about his experience as an American athlete abroad. The piece kicks off a series of stories on Americans living in Switzerland.

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