Easter in Switzerland: more than just eggs

The Alpine nation retains a number of long-held Easter traditions, despite the commercialisation of the religious festival.

For a country where chocolate is almost a dietary staple, finely decorated chocolate eggs and bunnies are a sight to be seen (and tasted) in Switzerland. However, the country has much more than just the giving of delicious treats to mark the Christian holiday.

Wine, bread, hard-boiled eggs – all can be shared or have played a part in games or customs across the country. There are processions with fire, parades of cloaked people, acrobatics even and of course, Easter egg hunts.

Some of these Swiss Easter traditions are now being revived, changed or invented from scratch, while others have died out completely. There are inherited customs and traditions that have been passed down over generations, and still remain. For some the time of year is also a moment to mark the changing of seasons from winter to spring.